PTA: Parent Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Association

Definition of PTA:
The PTA Is a school Association run by parents. They host various fundraisers to raise money for different organized events that will support the teachers, school & students throughout the school year. The Saint Nectarios Greek School PTA is NOT a Mandatory association that the Archdiocese Requires in our ministries.

PTA consist of  4 Board members
Vice President

Please note the PTA board members do NOT Run the school nor are they Hired to do what they
do. They are parents, spouses, Employees. They volunteer their time to do what they do. 

Volunteers are needed to help with organized events throughout the school year to make it

How we Support Teacher, Student & School etc
 Cater all Food and beverages for students during Events throughout the school year.
 Cater Sunday school kids table when needed
 School supplies
 Technology
 Student gifts 
 Yearbook
 Costumes 
 Field trips
 Concession stand
 Bus (when needed)
 Party Supplies (when needed)
 Ingredients (when needed)
 Baked goods (when needed)
 School bags
 Teachers Gifts
 Anything else that is needed for students and teachers throughout the school year

Coordinating Events & Hosting Fundraisers
 Όχι Day Celebration 
 Festival (kids activities)
 Movie nights 
 Greek Dance 
 Bake sale 
 Selling baked goods Election Day 
 Catering Christmas retreat / Christmas Pageant
 March 25th lunch-in & celebrations 

 Catering Easter retreat catering 
 March 25 parade 
 Field trip
 Graduation
 Open House

The PTA does NOT have anything to do with:
 Scheduling School Days
 Picking School Hours
 No School Days
 School’s calendar
 Books
 Academics
 Teachers teaching
 Students Behavior
 Classroom Behavior
 Sunday School
 Poems or lines that are being handed to students for Various celebrations.
 How or what is being taught academically as well as any other concerns or
suggestions that a   parent or guardian might have, all need to be
addressed to the school’s coordinator/principal
 Church’s & halls Decor 

PTA Dues $100.00
Dues are required to ensure every family helps to contribute to the various catering needs to our
students and various events that is hosted throughout the school year.