Greek School


“Greek is a language that ripples like water and flashes like dancing flames” Robert Payne

Greek is an amazing language with a rich history that has played a role in the world for centuries. Many language scholars call Greek the language of all languages.

Greek School is not only about developing writing, listening, speaking, and reading skills, but also a process that brings learners closer to Greek history, culture, customs and religion.

The curriculum of the Greek School consists of a well rounded program of subjects designed for each age, grade and skill level. Topics studied within our curriculum include: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Culture, Geography, History, Mythology, Dancing, our Orthodox Faith, and many more.

Throughout the academic year, we will host several special events, during which students will demonstrate what they are learning through performing poems, songs, plays, dances and more.


The new school year begins on Friday September 15, 2023 at 4:30 pm with the traditional Agiasmos Blessing. 

The schedule is as follows:

Mondays 4:30-6 PM, Fridays 4:30-6:30 PM.

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