"Greek is a language that ripples like water and flashes like dancing flames” Robert Payne


Learn Greek language and Culture at Saint Nectarios Greek School!

Located in the heart of Roslindale, we offer a well-rounded program that teaches students about Greek language, culture, customs, religion, and more.

What the School Offers

  • Experienced teachers who are passionate about Greek language and culture

  • A well-rounded curriculum that covers all aspects of Greek life

  • Newly renovated classrooms with SMART BOARD and PROJECTORS; providing students with a stimulating and engaging learning environment.

  • Special events throughout the year where students can showcase their learning

  • A welcoming and supportive environment for students of K-6 grades and all skill level


What your Children will Learn

Our curriculum for K- 6 grades and all skill levels Includes:

  • Reading
  • Culture

  • Mythology

  • Writing
  • Geography

  • Dancing

  • Speaking
  • History

  • And the Orthodox faith!


Throughout the year, we will be showcasing student learning through special events. These events will help to:

MOTIVATE-When students know that they will have an opportunity to share their work with others, they are more likely to be motivated to do their best.

BUILD CONFIDENCE-When students showcase their learning, they gain confidence in their abilities.

DEVELOP LIFE SKILLS-Such as public speaking, teamwork, and time management.

REINFORCE GREEK HERITAGE-Knowledge of one's culture helps to associate with ancestral roots and creates a sense of pride and belonging.

STRENGTHEN SCHOOL COMMUNITY-Parents, teachers, and students can all come together to celebrate student achievement.

Enroll your child in the Saint Nectarios Greek School today!