Continue to do your part to stay safe.
Do it for you - do it for your neighbor.

Dear Parishioners,

We are forever grateful to our Almighty God that we have the opportunity to attend worship services again!

It is even more important now that we CONTINUE to abide by the safety protocols issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Governor Baker, and our Metropolis.

Let us not be weary and let down our guard.
Here is a reminder of what is expected:

STAY HOME IF NOT FEELING WELL - Attend to your health and avoid spreading any type of illness to others.
WEAR YOUR MASKS - No entry will be allowed if you choose to not wear one. Cover your mouth and nose at all times.
STAY 6 FT FROM OTHERS AROUND YOU - This includes the candle area, waiting in line for Holy Communion, while seated in your pew, and upon receiving the antidoron.
DO NOT ENTER THE NAVE ON YOUR OWN - Parish council members will advise you where to sit. If you are attending a Memorial service, let us know how many people are with you and you will be escorted to the pew.

Seating in church is limited. Once we have reached covid-capacity, we cannot allow more to enter.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation at this time. The threat of catching and spreading Covid is real AND we must abide by the mandates.

The celebration of Our Lord and Savior’s Birth is upon us. Let us do our part to ensure we can worship together safely and in person.

Warm Regards,
Your Parish Council